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SW/ Orion electronic focuser motor/ controller??????

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Not sure what has happened in my life!
I use many (seven, at the last count!) of these motors/ controllers.
All the focusers, the etalon tuning etc.
At Xmas one of the hand controllers failed. Changed batteries, checked connections etc. but no luck....
It's now the 22 Jan and so far I've had another two failures!!!!
I now have three controllers u/s.
I found the wiring diagram and managed to identify most of the components.
Simplistically I think the push buttons have gone to meet their maker.
(These seem to be "TL2285 OE" push buttons -https://www.digikey.com.au/catalog/en/partgroup/tl2285-and-tl4201-series/9456)
I'm definitely not an electronics guy.....but I assume these are replaceable.
Has any one else experienced similar failures????
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Coincidentally had this same issue.   Sold last week a focuser that was not much used by me.   New owner called to say the motor failed. Not really failed but only worked somewhere during the 3 mm push.   He called me to say they didnt work at all but noticed that after each puch the contact got better.  Maybe the same issue?   

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Thanks for the feedback.

I've tired part pressing, pushing the the knob sideways etc etc etc. Maybe once in twenty tries there a brief momentary movement of the motor but not sustained.

(The digikey switch is not a good replacement. The dimensions and pin centres are different. This one on eBay looks better.


the 8.5mm momentary version)



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I only use three controllers at the desk:




the scope end connection varies with the scope.

I’ve obviously been forced to double check the failures using the other controllers. The motors and their connectors are all good.


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