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Heritage 150 retractable shroud and other mods


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Ages ago I fitted a shroud to my long gone Heritage 130 and it made the scope a lot more useable by reducing stray light from street lights in my semi suburban location.

With my recent purchase of a Heritage 150 I thought I would re-create the shroud on a larger scale and followed the same thinking as before.

I also took the opportunity to flock the lower half of the OTA as well as blacking out the edges of the secondary mirror.







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Also modded the original loose focuser with some spare flocking in the un-threaded areas either side

Initially did it full length but found out that it fouled so I cut it down to approx half the original.

No more PTFE tape on the threads for me as it works perfectly.



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21 hours ago, CraigT82 said:

That shroud looks the business! What material did you use?  And great idea with the flocking in the focuser, might try that with my H130.

Just standard card from Hobbycraft (not too thick) DC-Fix gloss self adhesive wrap to the outside and DC-Fix black velour as the flocking internally.

This mod also works with the H130, here's one I did previously.

Heritage with shroud.jpg

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Very impressive! I have ordered the same scope and figured I would need a shroud. Pardon my ignorance but what is “standard card” and what are the adhesives you mentioned. I live in U.S. if that helps. Do u leave the shroud on during storage as well or remove it and collapse it closed ? 

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The shroud is permanently fixed to the secondary support so it slides within the tube for storage.

Card is about 0.5mm thick, just enough so it is self supporting.

Adhesives wise I think you are asking about the vinyl wrap I used on top and inside the tube.



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