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Is my 150P secondary collimation good enough?

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1 hour ago, jonathan said:

A lot, thanks! 

Couldn't help reading 'Does this help?' in the deep voice Blackadder does in the episode 'Head' when he's pretending to be Farrow!! 

I'll have to look that up. I'm bad enough remembering the names of the actors, I don't know how you can remember the episode titles too. 

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The only thing of importance is the brightest circle, which is pretty well centred in the overlaid red circles. The darker shadow within the brighter circle had nothing to do with the collimation. The

If you are struggling with collimating it's worth just star testing - defocus on a bright star and see if the rings look concentric. If they are you are good enough to carry on and not worry about it.

P.s. I have a collimation cap and Cheshire and have practiced with them at home but in the field I cheat and use the laser through a Barlow approach. Thankfully that has always done the business, I be

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Just to put a final note on this thread, I finally managed to get outside with the 150P tonight and did a proper star test on Polaris, definitely good enough for the likes of me!  

Had a quick scan of a few targets, despite fairly poor seeing (whispy clouds coming and going) and a bright moon I was able to see the Trapezium in Orion quite well and the Pleiades looked sparkly as usual, and also the little companion of Polaris.

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