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Hi guys. Please tell me if collimation is required for the celestron 9.25 edge HD  after using the hyper star system( after putting back the secondary mirror in its place ). Or it holds its collimation.?

Thanks In advance for help :)

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    • By stevebty
      Good evening everyone
      I am looking at a SkyProdigy 6 telescope for a friend. the mount had a rattle/lose part. I partially unscrewed the casing and the plastic cylinder pictured below fell out. Anyone got any idea what it is or where is comes from. Looks plastic but can feel metal in the centre.
      Does anyone have a service manual or disassembly guide?
      Many thanks in advance

    • By Quetzalcoatl72
      I'm after a cassegrain reflector but I don't know which one to buy,
      I have a celestron c5 and it worked wonders for all fields, I now want the same but twice as powerful as my final upgrade
      I am looking at a c9.5 for £1350 or a c11 for £2000, My question is an extra 2.75" focal worth it for £750 more?
      I will likely purchase one this week
    • By Adaaam75
      Help please,
      It's definitely me and not the equipment but I need guidance, if you excuse the pun!
      I have a Celestron AVX mount with a 9.25 SCT sitting on top of a pier. Previously I have had issues with aligning my scope to the point where I used to point it manually not use the goto functionality. However after moving I decided to make my life easier so I bought the Celestron Starsense however I'm just not getting it. I've followed the instructions word for word, first calibrating and then aligning. 
      One of the issues I have is when I choose a star to centre, the scope doesn't put the star in the 35mm eyepiece but I centre it anyway and press enter but the scope pans away from the star again back to where it was pointing before I centered it!
      I have researched possibilities but cannot understand the problem. I am definitely putting the correct coordinates and time in. I pretty sure I don't need to set up the mount with its location and time as I did before I got the starsense?
      Please can I have a step by step process after turning it all on as I'm falling down a rabbit hole of Sharpcap and Platesolve2 and apart from frying my my brain with software downloads etc, I shouldn't have to go to such lengths.
      I know my set up should be relatively easy to set up, GOTO reasonably accurately and then track sufficiently for visual observing but I'm having a stress over what sounds like it should be easyish.
      As much advice would be grateful appreciated.
    • By Welsh Dave
      Hello Ladies & Gentleman,
      I would in need of require your assistance for my current tube that I have got. 
      I currently have a Celestron Starlight XLT tube and I am looking for a new Finderscope (This one did not come with as I bought it of one of my Uni friends). I am not fussed into the red dot sites and I would like someone similar to the EXPLORE SCIENTIFIC ES 8x50. 
      Any questions by all means ask :) 

    • By BenR
      I am new to astronomy, and recently purchased a Celestron Starsense Explorer LT 114AZ, and just for a start, I used the finderscope to locate exactly a random star, and I looked through the eyepiece and just saw a blurry white image. I was using a 25mm eyepiece lens, and then decided to put on the 2x Barlow lens with the 25mm lens, and nothing changed. Is this normal? What should I do to improve?
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