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Compatibility with Baader UFC filter system

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Has anyone encountered compatibility problems of standard filters with the Baader Universal Filter Changer (UFC) system?

I have the Filter base assembled with their camera adapter for wide T-ring and telescope-side M48 adapter, together with a couple of M48 filter drawers. It seems beautifully engineered but not cheap when fully assembled. The filter drawer fits nicely into the filter base when its empty. I then tried inserting my Hutech IDAS LPS-D2 filter into the drawer... no problem screwing it in. But then trying to slide the drawer into the base, I found that it gets stuck half way! On closer inspection I realised that the height of the filter means that it stands slightly proud of the rim of the filter drawer! Pics below.

Does anyone have experience of using other filters with this 'universal' system. Optolong? Triad?



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I know this might sound daft, but is the filter screwed into the holder? On your first picture it looks like there are threads on the top of the filter however the writing is the correct way. Maybe you've not got something screwed into the filter by mistake?

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Ian! You were absolutely right, and I've got egg on my face, hahaha, there was an adapter ring tightly screwed on to the filter!! After removing it fits perfectly! I can confirm if anyone else had doubts that the IDAS LPS-D2 filter is completely compatible with the Baader UFC filter system. Thanks again :)

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