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Having a REALLY hard time figuring out a dobsonian obs.

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So I have this 12" dobsonian, and I want an observatory for it. For my understanding, walls must be low. What's even more is that I don't plan on using the pillar system that most people do.

I'm "all over the place" when it comes to this. I've seen roll of roof obsevatories and all that, but once again, my telescope won't be high enough. Has anyone found any out-of-this world solutions.

I'm also worried about a building blocking my view.

Maybe just a skyshed pod? Are those durable enough?

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I'm not sure that dobsonians are suited to observatories.

A roll-off shed where the whole shed moves is probably a better idea:


Anything with walls more than a couple of feet high is going to impede the way that the dobsonian mount works. The dob works best when it is out in the open.


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This caught my eye in 'recent posts'.

One does not hear much about Dobsonians installed in observatories.  Asides form the practical isues mentioned above, if you look at the total cost it is probably cheaper to put a SCT in a substantial observatory than to install a large Newtonian.  Similarly if you are going to that expense you might as well include a proper fully capable mount. There is a college observatory in a campus near here with a 16" SCT on wedge Goto mount in it.  This seems to be the typical college observatory set-up.

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I think the roll away shed like that on the video linked by fifeskies is the easiest and neatest solution for a large Dob.   Fairly easy to build as well no worries really about keeping watertight etc. 


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I built myself a shed then decided I wanted an obsy so I turned it into a roll off. (see attached pic). Before I put in my C9.25 on a pillar mount I used the obsy with my 10" dob. I got round the high wall problem by making a frame about a metre high out of steel (it could be wood or whatever else) and placed the dob with its mount on that, making sure the roof could still close without hitting the scope.  Because the dob eyepiece was now too high up to easily use, I built a raised floor around the frame so that I could comfortably reach the eyepiece.  The dob wasn`t fully clear of the walls but doing this gave me a lot more sky to see and still provided a bit of protection from the wind. 


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A skyshed pod for a 12” Dob will not be very useful, just not enough room and limited horizon. Why not just buy a cheap plastic Keter shed and lift the Dob out when you want to use it. I’ve kept a couple of dobs in one of these for years. No leaks or maintenance on the shed and telescopes are well protected and down to temperature.

All the Best,


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