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Just wondered if anyone has had any experience or has any advice on these two scopes. 



I've been plodding on with my Celestron AstroMaster for an age now, & would like to make the jump to something else more advanced when things come back in stock. I'd like some sort of Go-To system with my next scope & something more powerful in terms of scope.

What I'd use it for - Lunar & Planetary observing / photography, I'm not all that interested in deep sky imaging, but it would be nice to pick up a decent photo of something like the Pleiades etc. 

Equipment I'd use with it - ZWO ASI224MC colour / Baader Hyperion Zoom eyepiece / Baader 2.25 Barlow / NIKON DSLR 

The Skymax 127 was recommended to me by FLO when I stated my budget, but now I feel I can stretch that further....& since I have read some great reviews about the Skymax 180. Only thing is that no mount comes with, however I'm wondering if I could use the Sky-Watcher AZ GTi WiFi Alt-Az Astronomy Mount? 

 ...Anyway, any help / advice or even other suggestions would be great. 🙂 Thanks. 


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3 minutes ago, Damien2904 said:

...& since I have read some great reviews about the Skymax 180. Only thing is that no mount comes with, however I'm wondering if I could use the Sky-Watcher AZ GTi WiFi Alt-Az Astronomy Mount? 

ROFL.🙂  The recommended mount for the Skymax 180 Mak seems to be the HEQ5. Note that the cooldown time for the Skymax 180 is said to be quite long, so it's best kept in a cool place.

Both scopes would be good for planetary viewing and imaging.


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The Skymax180 is far too big and heavy for a light duty mount like the AZ-GTi.

Something like the  AZ-EQ5 would be more suitable but that isn’t within your budget.


How about a manual alt-az mount like the Skytee? Not too expensive and would be ideal.



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I've found this webpage to be invaluable:


It will give you a simulated field of view of lots of astronomical objects in binoculars, telescopes and cameras.

What's clear using it is no one telescope can be expected to be used on the full range of celestial objects. With the Mak 180, I'd use it as a planetary and lunar detail scope, double stars as well as smaller, compact DSO objects. The Mak 127 would be used for similar but would be an ideal grab and go set up. For larger objects (eg. M31, M45 etc) these Maks will offer too much magnification imo.

My best views of  the Pleiades, M45, have been in Binoculars and a 60mm low power achromat from the 1980s, the Tasco 9VR. My 2 SCTs just have too much focal length and hence magnification - the Maks you mention would give you even more.

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I wonder, in the end, what is your budget now?

Also, what are your other requirements? Compact form for portability?

If you can handle larger scope, then, I would say that this scope:


will outperform SkyMax127 on your intended targets - lunar and planetary, for both imaging and observing. It will also have shorter cool down time. Only problem is the size for transport and storage. It also needs decent mount to hold it.

If your budget can stretch that much, maybe look at this:


VX6L with 1/10PV upgrade.

8" model has potential to outperform Mak180 - but such scope is certainly going to be large and hard to mount properly.

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