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3D print a box for fuse terminal, volt meter and main switch

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My old prototype board I have my mini PC installed at with its fuse terminal, volt & ampere meters and the main switch looks a bit ugly but practical when I have to change something. Now I decided to 3D print some encluosure to it. First I thought it would be good to include the mini PC in this box. But after some thoughts I change my mind and only have the periphals in the box and attache it to the PC with a bracket. Then I can change my PC with out doing an new enclosure, only the bracket.

The drawing goes better and better, less mistakes and easier to do it with some smart tools.

This is how long I have come with the box:

Next thing to do is the lid to the box, it will hold the instrument for Volt and Ampere. When this is finished it will be so much easier to handle all cables and devices. Still it's very flexible if I want to change something.

How many of you who read this use the FreeCAD software ?


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On 18/01/2021 at 00:04, Astrofriend said:

How many of you who read this use the FreeCAD software ?

I do - I find it very powerful once you get used to it! And you are not vulnerable to a company removing functionality, as recently happened to Fusion360

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Me too.  I find it more intuitive than many of the other packages but it's really important to understand the basics so that I structure a project correctly.  I had several complete reworks to do at first because, for example, I needed to move a plate but objects making cut-outs of the plate weren't referenced to it's position.


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I usually downloaded the most recent V19 development build because I had lots of issues with V18. How many were the software and how many my inexperience I don't know but V19 is rock solid for everything I use it for.


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