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Skywatcher Skymax 150 Pro EQ5 Telescope

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Afternoon all

has anyone any experience of the Skywatcher Skymax 150 Pro EQ5 or sky max 180 pro HEq5 Telescopes ,I’m seriously considering one so I would appreciate anyone’s thoughts or experience with them.

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I have used a Skymax 150 on an EQ5 Pro and I enjoyed it. 

The scope is a cracker on planets, doubles and it good on smaller DSO, s. 

The 180 Mak is a big beast and some would argue that the 150 hits the sweet spot. 

Maks have a narrow field of view so be aware of that. 

Think where you are going in the future. Imaging, deep sky, planets or all of these. 

The EQ5 Pro is a good mount but doesn't give you much headroom in max weight. 

I now use my Skymax 150 and my Explorer 130PDS on an AZ-EQ6 at the same time in Az mode so I can have wide and narrow high mag views available at the same time. 

My advice would be to think about future proofing your purchase and spend your money on the mount. 

Have a look at the AZ-EQ5 and don't be afraid of Newts they give tremendous bang for the buck. My little  130 is a gem and can be used well on my mount in EQ mode for imaging. 

Best of luck with your choices. I love Mak's but they would not be my choice for beginners. 

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Thanks so for this much appreciated - I’m not a beginner and tbh I’ve had a 130 and sold it after many a disappointing night. My plan is imaging moon planets and some DSO- and the odd viewing of planets and moon. 

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If you main focus is the Moon and planets, indeed a SCT or Mak will be the most sensible choice. However since you've also mentioned DSO imaging, Mak will be ruled out because its focal ratio is way too slow. A C6 + a reducer on an AVX or HEQ5 Pro might fit your needs. A SW 120ED refractor could be another good choice if your budget allows.

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 Hi James

Will this be your only telescope?

I have a 150 SkyMax EQ5 and a 200p EQ5 along with a few others.

I like the SkyMax enough to keep and enjoy it immensely but it’s not used as much as the others to be honest.

On an EQ mount the finder scope can be at awkward positions. Unlike the 200p that can be rotated in its rings the dove tail of the SkyMax is fixed to the tube. It’s on the to do list to sort this in some way. Although not to my taste I see many use the SkyMax on an Alt AZ mount rather than an EQ. 

Also it seems to take an age to cool down so is not my grab and go choice this time of year and is a dew magnet compared to the 200p.

When it’s good it’s great but more often than not I find myself going for the 200p EQ5 as the all round grab n go that gets far more use. Second only to the dob. As an additional scope I’ll be keeping the SkyMax but it would not be my first choice as a first or only scope.

I think the EQ5 mount is great for visual but limited for astrophotography and, although some way off yet, my next upgrade, when funds permit, will be an EQ6R. However I’ll not be selling the EQ5, it’s good, light enough to carry and set up quickly and with the RA motor is a pleasure to use for visual.


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