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Help identify strange event - Bolide ??

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At 22.47 last night it was total cloud cover and raining. The sky lit up bright green for 2 - 3 seconds and almost immediately the ground shook for 3 - 4 seconds. The feeling was not the sound that you hear and feel in your chest of thunder but a deep vibration felt more through the feet.

There was no lightening shown on the lightning detection map sites and nothing on the earth tremor sites.

I looked at the frames from my all sky camera and found this - all the frames before and after are dark.

Looking at the local FB pages today it was witnessed and felt over a very large area - roughly the area shown on the attached map and everyone seems to have experienced a similar intensity.

Any ideas ????

In the photo North is at the top.

On the map the area bound in black is the area it has been widely reported in and the red star is where my camera is.







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My wife heard it last night, but no green light up here near Onich. I didn't hear it, although I was watch TV at the time. 

She came downstairs to check my lightning detector, it wasn't showing any strikes, so not that. I checked a camera I have covering the back garden and that only shows rain at between 22:45 & 22:49, no light in the sky, and there's nothing on my SkyCam on my website although that's a 1 minute time lapse so may have been between images.

No reports yet on the British Geological Survey website either, although they may take some time to come through but BGS are normally quite fast in putting a report out if their sensors picked anything up.

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