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Hi guy's, just wondering what the general consensus is from you knowledgeable folks about bino viewers....I have a William optics zenithstar z73 ii and a celestron nextar 8se, although the WO was bought primarily for imaging...I do also love the views it gives and find myself observing more than imaging for the moment....I want to learn more about the sky at night visually before jumping straight into imaging...even though I have the gear for a basic setup and know my way around my Sony a7........anyway I think I'd appreciate the views even more through both eyes and I was drawn to the WO bino viewers, I do know that in some cases they are a compromise, like most things in astronomy.lol..but just wondering if they are a decent product....at the moment I have 9mm and 20 mm wo uwan eyepieces, a basic 25mm plossil that comes with the 8se and lately bought myself the baader hyperion zoom eyepiece and barlow...if I got the bino viewers and liked what they did...I'd probably get another hyperion zoom . thanks in advance for your thoughts.

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Hi, I have the W.O binoviewer on a Celestron C8 and use it all the time and find it very good, particuarly for lunar work. I'm not sure if using two zoom eyepieces would work though as it may be tricky to match the zoom mag. equally especially if you are changing the zoom often. The binoviewer comes with I think 2 x 22mm eyepieces but I bought a couple of Starguider 25mm which I prefer.

I think you'll enjoy them.


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I have WO Binoviewers with my NexStar 8se and love using them, I have the two William Optics 20mm SWAN Super Wide Angle 72° 1.25" Eyepiece that cane with the Binoviewer. Also a pair of 32mm Omni Plossl's which are great on double/globular clusters.

I find it very relaxing sitting down and viewing with both eyes, and view a target for longer than I would if mono viewing.

You might have a problem reaching focus using the William optics zenithstar z73 ii but the supplied 1.6x barlow would help I think.

Hopefully some with a refractor can help better than me.

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