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1 hour ago, LeeHore7 said:

Yes I agree, it would be a good goto package, maybe I could work for skywatcher marketing team 😉, there may not be a lot of difference in price if it was a whole set up or modeled together 

It may be quite pricey as the GoTo mount and tripod would both have to be upgraded for the scope. Although it would be a nice package.

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I've got a 30mm RACI on mine, which suits me perfectly...I do wonder how much better a 50mm would be though. The only issue I have found with a RACI over the red dot finder, is that it's quite di

If it helps here is my log entry for a night last year.  As I said, a really decent scope which you can throw in the back of the car. I have other scopes for the big wide field view.    Mond

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I am wondering, since I own a  Skymax 127 (bought used), would it be worth it to buy a 150 and replace it? It should be a tad sharper and permit the use of a full frame dSLR (the 127 vignettes badly above APS sensor size).

Also own a C9.25 XLT, so I feel that there's no real need for another large planetary scope (was thinking about a Skymax 180 before I decided on a 'jack of all trades' SCT).

Using a HEQ5 mount at the moment.


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22 hours ago, Spier24 said:

That could work, although it would be nice to have it all together in one package on a GoTo mount for people who'd want that.

They would be unlikely to. They sell packages with mediocre elements so that you buy better stuff later on. 

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