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M45 (Pleiades cluster) in 4 panels

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Finally got a night where I could capture all four panels on M45 in one session with the bonus of very little moon.

Each panel is built up of 6x 300s subs at a gain setting of 100. I've processed this in a mix of APP (assembling the mosaic, LP removal and a general background balance) then moved to PI for a touch of DBE, saturation and saving the image in different formats. Then a tweak in PS.

The kit: Scope: RASA 8 with an Idas NB-1 filter, Camera: ASi533 Pro cooled to -12°C (felt like it warmed upto that temp!), Mount: iOptron CEM60. Guided with a TS 80 guide scope and PHD 2 dev3.

I had some initial problems with APP where after the long process time I kept getting a black screen. Omitting the dark subs cured the problem and the image ended up being processed with no calibration frames.

Hope you like.


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Just now, tooth_dr said:

One of your best Francis.  The curved line on the haloes, is that cabling?

Thanks. Yes thats a cable. I've tried curving the power and data cables in all sorts of different directions but still get some form of shadow or spike (or both) something I'm starting to live with...

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Good image Francis. I think Chuck from chucksastrophotography solved the cabling problem with a RASA by spiralling the cable. I'm sure I saw that on his Youtube channel.

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