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Trying to take the baby steps

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I am trying to calculate the Sunrise/Sunset for any location in uk.

It will help us (Muslims) to figure out when to pray.

There are few websites which gives answers i am looking for but they are limiting unless I pay to become a full member.

I just want to create an Excel sheet which will "fetch" location data from Google maps and calculate the information i need.

Can you please help?

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You can find all that information for free using weather apps/websites like BBC Weather or the Met Office.


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Hello Shahid, if you go to resources at the top of the page and select clear outside, it does say it shows sunrise and sunset times but I can't seem to find it on there. Have a look and hopefully you will find it.

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There are a couple of Excel spread sheets on the NOAA website here that calculate the sunrise and sunset (amongst loads of other solar information) for anywhere in the world and for any date.  However, you do need to enter the required latitude, longitude and time zone manually.

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Hi,I believe the Nautical almanac will give you time n dates for anywhere with a little add n subtract,It’s meant for Celestial navigation ,has moon n stars also!

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