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I was reading a few threads here and looking at some surprisingly good images taken with the baby Tak... I recently acquired an FS60cb which I would like to use as an ultraportable imaging scope. I wonder if I could ask for advice on imaging setup. I find the Tak system chart a bit inconsistent.

I have the dedicated 0.72x reducer. I want to use it with a Canon dslr. I couldn't find any reference to the back focus/metal back distance of the reducer in the official Tak material, although online I found people quoting 56mm? The system diagram for the FS60cb though doesnt seem to add up to 56mm, unless I am misreading it. Do you use the stock focusser or change to a feathertouch? Have you found adapters to attach to the Tak reducer?

I would be grateful for any help on imaging trains that people have found to work, and if possible  a pic or diagram/sketch of your imaging train with the FS60cb ?

Clear skies and keep well everyone


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