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Apologies - and hello

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Hi everyone.

Apologies for posting a question when starting my membership of SGL and not saying hello first!  I didn't see this forum till tonight otherwise I would have said hello.

I'm here now and I'll try and make amends.

I'm very recently retired, having moved to Wiltshire mid-2019 from Surrey.  We're perched right on the edge of Cranborne Chase, so we're close to dark skies (Bortle 3 to 4 in my garden).  I'm an electronic engineer by training and enjoy tinkering, so I am looking forward to desiging and building the control systems needed to watch and image the stars.

I have an old Jessops 80mm Newtonian on a dreadful mount and will be putting this on a simple Dob mount as soon as I can.  More recently, I bought a Star Adventurer Pro and have had fun (skies permitting) taking pictures of Neowise, the Pleiades and Andromeda, learning something about stacking and processing images afterwards.  Very recently I picked up an old Startravel 150/750mm refractor on an EQ5 mount, both of which will need servicing and I've just ordered an Altair 72 EDF refractor to use as a grab'n'go and, more seriously, for imaging.

So lots of equipment - and now I've the time to get to grips with it. 

Hope to learn from you all - and in time to get to help others too.


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Thank you everyone.  It's nice to be made welcome.

Surely these cloudy nights can't last much longer?  At least I can take advantage of them to get to understand the EQ5 and how it all interacts electrically.  I'll also be able to service the mount and clean/refresh the Startravel 150/750 so that they're both ready to use when the clouds lift.

Clear skies, everyone - and stay safe.


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