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Hello from Ayrshire, Scotland


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Hey all,

I've been on here for about a month, but only posted one topic. I thought would be good to introduce myself.

My name is Michael, I'm age 31; originally from Manchester, now living in Scotland. I'm currently embarking on a BSc in Astronomy. The hope is to finish it, then move on to a MSc, then a PhD - hopefully followed by Post-Grad Research. I may be able to bypass the MSc, but one step at a time, ha!

I've been interested in the Universe since school, but I'm sorry to say I don't have much practical experience in Astronomy; I have more theory knowledge. I am, however, willing to learn as much as I can, about the practical side.

Anyways all my best,

Michael :D


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Hello Michael! Your studies sound like an amazing plan, one which I hope comes off for you! As a proud Yorkshireman it's difficult to be nice to someone of the Red Rose, but I'll do my best! 

Very nice to meet you. Clear skies!

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Welcome Micheal. Sounds like you've got an amazing career ahead of you!

Where in Ayrshire are you? I lived in North Ayrshire for 5 years or so. Me and the missus went to The Scottish Dark Sky Observatory near Dalmellington years back for their 'astro romance' event (it was around valentine's day). Can't remember it being romantic.......can remember it being bloody cold!!

Hope you enjoy the forum.

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