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Uff... it's been so long since my last proper session (almost a year).  My 3 year old daughter is finally sleeping through the night so I can get back my time! :)  It was incredibly clear however brutally cold so setup my 120ST for a "quick" session at 11:30ish - I finished at just before 2am my feet had turned into blocks of ice...  Most observations made with the 17.3 Delos.

Started out with Leo - a little low down at the start but M65 and M66 easily visible - Couldn't get NGC3628 though it may just have been a little too low down for this...  Across then to the M105 group then  M95 and M96 - so far so good - no major failures :)

M51 again a little low down a bit disappointing although with the 10mm Delos was able to resolve both parts and a smidge of the spiral.  M101 was literally ghost like just a whiff flickering into the occasional view.  Much better position was M108 and M97 both really clearly visible - M108 although not showing any real definition of detail although M97 I could see easily enough a dark area in the centre without any filter.

M44 (Beehive) cluster was lovely with the 17.3mm Delos framing the entire cluster very well.  Down to M67 which surprised me - quite delicate but bright cluster.  To end the session I finished with the M3 globular cluster usng the 5mm Pentax XW - Determined it was too low down and needed more aperture to resolve this one properly.  Looking forward now to galaxy season coming up with Coma Berenices and Virgo! :)

Great to get back out again and observing!!!  Really enjoyed it.  Next night will get the 12" dob out to play... :)

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Very nice report !

It was a lovely clear, if cold, night here as well.

Once you have had a break from observing it is very nice to get back into it and re-visit "old friends" :smiley:

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