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Trio: Mercury, Jupiter & Saturn - 2021 JAN 09-10

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Mercury, Jupiter & Saturn will form a tight trio in the early evening southwestern sky during the weekend of 2021 JAN 09-10.

Photos and descriptions of the grouping would be welcome additions to this thread.



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I caught some of this this evening. Picked Jupiter up not long after sunset. Couldn't see any of the other two. Mercury was to be the second brightest and was to be just out ofy 3"FOV. So I kept looking for that (in between throwing frisbee for dog). I finally caught it just as it was setting. Maybe caught it for about a minute or two as it set. I had a clear distant horizon. Saturn wasn't visible to me at this time so went home. I think that was at half five. It was the lowest object I've ever seen n the sky apart from sun and moon!

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I live fairly close to some low mountains (2500' ASL), so that Mercury dropped below my local horizon just 15 minutes after official sunset, which means the sky was quite bright when I first spied Jupiter through my 82mm spotting scope. 

I quickly scanned downward to locate Mercury just above the ridgeline, then hoped Saturn would swim into view before Mercury set. It did.

I was able to see all three in my 20x wide-angle ep at the same time for a minute or so. 

Mercury will be higher tomorrow.

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This evening's transparency was better than yesterday's, but Saturn failed to reveal itself through the skyglow before the ridgeline interfered, alas, so it was a one-shot deal for me.


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