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Need help with an Equatorial Platform

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Hello, I have been looking online at Equatorial Platform ideas for my 8" dobsonian.

This is what I partly followed: 

Here's everything I have ordered:

EQ1 motor drive

x2 Plywood: 610mm x 610mm - 18mm

x2 Aluminum Sheet Plate 200mm x 200mm - 4mm

x4 adhustable feet


Bubble level

Some bolts & nuts

Metal roller ball


x4 Pillow block insert bearing

Steel rod 400mm - 8mm

The trouble I am having is geometry.... I am really not that good at it and I don't know how to go about building this thing. The more I search online the more complicated it seems. Does anyone have a clear guide?

Thank you in advance

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5 minutes ago, westmarch said:

Hi there,

good luck with your project.  What aspect are you having problems with?


Hi John, I don't know how to go about measuring and cutting the parts. 

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Just now, callisto said:

Sorry to but in....I would advise against the 12mm compass as its really tiny and hard to see where its pointing  😧

I opted for this one...works a treat  :)   https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/UK-stock-Fast-delivery-Waterproof-Compass-for-Hiking-Military-Navigation/164483546713?epid=25033515336&_trkparms=ispr%3D1&hash=i

Thank you Callisto! I chose the small one because I want to stick it on the platform

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Just now, westmarch said:

Is it the wooden base you need help with or the aluminium arc segments?


What if I say it's both? xD I'm just very confused as I'm pretty bad at geometry.... 

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Posted (edited)
3 minutes ago, westmarch said:

Why don’t I pm you with the dimensions.  It will take me a day or so to work it out for your smaller 8” dob.


wow that would be WONDERFUL and you'd save me. If you could do that I would truly appreciate it.

P.S. my longitude is: 52.88

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On 03/01/2021 at 20:45, westmarch said:

Why don’t I pm you with the dimensions.  It will take me a day or so to work it out for your smaller 8” dob.


Hi John,

Sorry to bother, but I don't suppose you could PM me a copy as well please?

Thank you.

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Hi there,

If you look on my original thread, towards the end, I have posted a pdf with full instructions on the build. Those instructions should work for an 8” Dob. 


Equatorial Platform Basic Guidelines.pdf

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