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First Mars sketch 2021


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A lovely clear night early on, so I made the most of it. After checking out a few clusters which gave my scope a few minutes to cool, I then spent a little time with Mars. With the first sketch I used a 5mm Ultascopic giving 160X in my 100mm F8.  The second sketch was made using a 3.4mm Vixen HR which gave me 235X and a well defined image. Due to the use of a diagonal the view is inverted.


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Hello Mike,

I was out at 17:00UT and at x190 saw the dark area crossing the southern hemisphere, the dew/mist on the preceding limb and the phase.

It looks like you managed to see the SPC - I have not managed that since mid December 🙁- I should have gone to Specsavers 😂

Great sketch 👍

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5 hours ago, Alan White said:

Lucky you Mike, clear sky, Happy New Year to you.

I am still recovering from Covid, so not venturing outside presently,
so thanks for sharing makes me feel involved.

Sorry to hear you've been unwell Alan. I hope you're soon back on your feet and able to enjoy your hobby again. But it just goes to show that you can do everything right and still fall foul of this insidious disease. 

Best wishes,


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