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Show us your Solarcan images

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I thought I would start a thread for people to post up results obtained with Solarcans.

I put mine up at the summer solstice, and took it down today, so it has had a full six months. I was a little worried about messing it up when trying to scan the photo paper, but it was surprisingly easy in practise. The first image is as it scanned, the second one after inverting and processing. Really chuffed with how it came out. In future I would consider angling it up a little to catch more of the summer sun at its peak.

I think the fainter lines down at the bottom of the image are probably my wandering about with my head torch on when setting up or packing down my scopes at night, adds a little interest.

Please do add your own images to this thread so we can see the results.

EDIT I’ve added some additions with different processing which brings out some colour and other details better.






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Very nice!!

Here's mine: about 9 months exposure.  I've another can to try too ;)  Might try to find an isolated spot on the coast looking south and see if it survives unmolested for 6 months. 



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First, well done on the Solarcan, it is always so exciting to break it open and see the paper with lines on.

Second, don't angle the next one keep it straight. This is a camera obscura https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Camera_obscura

Therefore, the image is produced upside down. So to raise the height of your solar tracks you need to maintain the can in a straight position but you must move the pin hole upwards.

I tried this this year and managed to get more tracks but still not high enough. I made my hole exactly half way between the middle and the top. I tried to get it higher but couldn't get the pin through, I think maybe I hit a fixture inside. I need to try again and get higher. Try to understand the wiki post and you will understand what I mean. I also got the star reflections with mine using the middle provided pin hole so I think it is something to with the set up. I didn't get it this year with my own pinhole.

Middle pin hole

49272282138_be47a6d94c_b.jpg2019-12-24 Solarcan by Alexandra Hart, on Flickr

Pin hole moved higher up can

50758820983_df5bd1ba10_b.jpgSolarcan 2020 negative by Alexandra Hart, on Flickr



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Great images.  We installed our first Solarcan on the 21st December.  Looking forward to the Summer Solstice to see the results.

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