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Astronomy Double Entendres

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There’s probably a long thread of these somewhere already but my wife is howling with laughter at this recent conversation...

Me, “There’s something in the night sky definitely worth getting my telescope out for”

Wife, already sniggering, “what are you looking at?”

Me, “Something just under Orion’s Belt.”

Wife now crying laughing. 

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Me: “It’s looking pretty good, I think I’ll take a chance and get it out tonight.”

Wife: Starts to respond but cracks up and laughing.

Me: “What are you laughing at?”

Wife: “I just got this picture in my head..” cracks up laughing again.

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Years ago, while teaching an astronomy course to about 120 university students and talking about the light-gathering power of telescopes, I said "To some extent, it's not the length that matters, it's the width." The class broke into loud laughter. Ever since, I have been careful not to phrase it like this.

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