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Atik 16 CCD problems can you help ??


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I have Atik 16 CCD and I have problems with, when imaging guiding or focusing I continually get an error message coming up that says "The plug in is unable to establish a link to the hardware because the specified communications port is already in use. (-7)" the only way I have found to clear this is to reboot the PC, I have sent the camera back to Atik to check the USB connector and they returned it saying it was OK. Can anyone suggest anything to help.



(Eastbourne east Sussex)

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I don't use Maxim, but it sounds like there might be some kind of USB issue or even a hardware conflict on your machine. Have you tried using Artemis capture and see if the camera works with that?


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To my mind the Artemis Capture software is a dream to use and I recall Ian King saying, 'If ever something doesn't work, run it in its own software.' I would suggest you give the camera a run in its own Artemis software. I would be surprised if you did not end up liking it.

Other than that all I can think of is that you should always use the same USB port (shame on the IT industry!) and try a new cable, but I'm sure you will have done that.


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