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Heq5 pro mains power

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Hi all, 

My HEQ5 pro has finally completed and is turning up imminently, however I see this comes with a cigarette type power lead. Can someone assist in letting me know what adapter I need for this if running extension cable to garden or any other better ideas for power if you have any?




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Thanks for for this whilst on the subject I have the asi air pro on order also and I am aware these do not come with a lead either. Is there something to use that will incorporate both or will both need separate power cables? Thanks 


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For the mount the supply @Snoani recommends is fine, or  so long as it is 12V and more than 3A with a plug ø2.1 x ø5.5 x 12mm center positive DC jack, so also could use THIS

You can get 12V supplies with a cigarette lighter socket to plug the lead provided with mount into but I would not go that route. The less connectors you have the more reliable it is and the cigarette lighter plugs and sockets are not the most reliable connection wise anyway, and can easily pull out if you knock the cables.

If you get the ASIair pro then it does use 12V and the same connectors as the mount. I am not sure it needs 5A but the recommended power supply is THIS which is really the same as the two already mentioned. supplying 12V at 5A.

So you could get two supplies and use one one each or an 8A or 10A supply like THIS but select the 2.1 plug version and a splitter cable like THIS.

The larger 12V supplies tend to be quite expensive and often it is better, or more reliable, to run the computer and mount from separate supplies anyway so when slewing the mount, that then draws a much bigger current, it cannot affect the computer with electrical noise from the motors.
Personally I would use two seperate 12V 5A supplies, you just then need the ability to get to 2 mains sockets.


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