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5 Doubles In Pisces - Great Run

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5.00pm, Monday, 8SE / GoTo.  Some thin cloud about.  Aligned on Mars.  GoTo was close/very close in all cases.  

38 Psc - (2)+1, matched 7th mag, 4.0".  Started as usual with x48 / 1.34deg.  Up to x85, saw beautifully matched pair, close, clear, secondary at 8 o'clock.

Sigma 2995 - near match, 8th mag, 5.2".  Target was the central star of a well-formed brightish Y shape.  To x85 again - fainter pair, close, clear, sec. at 7 o'clock.

55 Psc - mismatched, 6.6".  Target was the corner of a clear L shape.  x85 didn't do it this time because of the much brighter primary and also the poor transparency.  x102 then, and Bingo! - faint sec. clearly seen at 7 o'clock.  

Sigma 122 - mismatched again, 6.0".  x102 again, and the very faint sec. was clear at 11 o'clock with AV.

Sigma 138 - matched 7th mag, but much tighter at 1.6".  Target was at the end of a straight line of three.  I used the 24-8 zoom for this, and caught the sec. close and clear at 2 o'clock.  I had taken it up to max mag, x254.

By 6.00pm the near-full Moon was in the east, rising above houses, so I took a quick look.

A great run, 5 out of 5, all done quite rapidly.  Most pleasing, and helped because I have recently spent a lot of time sorting all targets into one book (instead of lots of scraps of paper, and uncertainty about what I've seen/not seen/want to revisit).  Could have done more, but it was bitterly cold, so in for a welcome beer and meal!

Thanks for reading.



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Nice session Doug, thanks for sharing 

It's always good to read these doubles reports.. after a while you get to know which doubles your scope/s can achieve so you can easily decide which to go for... And of course how they appear in the scope your using...


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