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Comparison of Pentax SP 50 WP 10x50 and Nikon Action EX 10x50 CF


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Hi All

After much research, primarily on this site and The Binocular Sky, I got hold of the above binoculars.  I spent ages writing a review specifically for this site of what I found, as a thanks for all the advice I had received.  By the power of idiocy I then managed to post it on Cloudy Nights instead (I had both open in my browser).  Too much Christmas port I guess :) 

Anyway, too late to take it down as some have already replied and I guess I shouldn't post the same thing on two sites so here is a link to my review on completely the wrong site :)  No offence at all to Cloudy Nights but I wrote it with the Stargazers Lounge audience in mind and it may make less sense on a US site.

Comparison of Pentax SP 50 WP 10x50 and Nikon Action EX 10x50 CF





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3 hours ago, DaveL59 said:

thanks Andy, a nicely written review, tho I wouldn't say Nikon got lucky with the glass, they're oft regarded as an Alpha brand on the optical side 😉 

Yes of course you are right Dave :) I was being a bit snarky at them because they couldn't be bothered to paint the shiny bits inside black.  I've also seen reviews saying that their coatings on this model are not as good as some of the competition.  Its a shame that after going to all the trouble getting excellent glass they don't coat it and mount it so as to get the maximum from that glass.  Anyway, it still won out for me - I'll just have to put up with the reflections and enjoy the view :)

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I'd be interested to hear if others have experienced issues with reflections like I have with the Nikons.  I guess it might be a consequence of wider fov but I haven't tried enough to know.  I think that fold down rubber eyepieces are better at stopping stray light though obviously less convenient for glasses users (I always stick mine on my head when using the bins) 

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I have the Nikon 12x50EX's and havn't noticed reflections and my Nikons are my most used grab n go bins 

I also have the Amazon basics tripod with trigger grip and its good bit kit but it does struggle with my Apollo 22x85 bins they are just a bit to heavy for it 

Good review and i kind of thought the Nikons would win out superb bins for the money 🍻

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Some other things I have noticed during daytime viewing:

The coatings on the Pentax objectives have quite a green tinge.  The view through the binoculars is very neutral in terms of colour, slightly muted and slighter cooler than with the naked eye but very close and very natural.

The Nikons have a bluer coating and the view is more vibrant and saturated, but a little green.  Not so faithful but very appealing visually.  

I also have a feeling that objects which fill a good proportion of the field viewed through the Nikons are slightly stretched laterally (due to off axis distortion presumably).  However, I could be imagining this.  

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