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Should I buy the scope tech 80 F15?

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I suppose it’s more of a philosophical question...

I keep coming back to it, I just love the look of it, the heritage values, the idea of it.

But I know on paper it probably won’t really compete with its contemporaries will it? 
I mean a sky max 127 would be a better lunar / planetary scope for half the price.

An ed80 would (correct me if I’m wrong) probably be as sharp if not sharper, with as good, if not better contrast. And a more flexible FOV, and more versatility in its camera connections etc (and easier to mount).

But still... 

Most if my astronomy is just visual for relaxation purposes so I value the quality of the view over say, the depth or wide field. I do a fair but of fuzzy hunting but I don’t mind chasing stuff at the limits of vision just for the fun of finding it.

what do people think of these? Do they represent good value? Or are they purely niche? Honestly a sky max 127 doesn’t really appeal to me so maybe that tells me something!

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It's a classical f15 long focus refractor used for more detail visual views of planets, double stars (the moon!) with a almost zero colour aberations and little or no distortions.

If that's not your thing then move on to something you will use regularly and enjoy.

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I think they are niche instruments but it is a nice niche :smiley:

These longer refractors do need quite stable mounts though, to give their best performance. The tube length and moment arm force generated have become the challenge for the mount, rather than the tube weight, which is quite modest.



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