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Equipment Regrets?


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I have given up regretting things apart from... and then I realise that if I had kept that there would be no room for this and so on.

I suppose my regret is its not warm and dark out every night so I can use what I have got more. As it is I spend a lot of time playing with ideas while staring at unused equipment.

Like the new solar stuff that arrived today and sits waiting for the fog to clear and by now - tomorrow.

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Regrets, - I've had a few:

But John, you at least did it your way eh?

Cab please...

I've bought a couple of secondhand scopes, one was a complete dog and one had a couple of issues that I should have seen at the point of purchase so in hindsight they shouldn't have been bought. Also selling our first scope, a TAL 150P which was a complete peach of a scope was a bit of a mistake too. Despite chopping and changing kit a fair over the last couple of years, I don't really have any regrets as such. It's all part of life's rich tapestry.


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Ooo - plenty...

- Buying an 8" newt on a EQ5 when I didn't know where anything was

- Buying an LX200R and trying to image through it (too steep a learning curve)

Although I do reckon if I hadn't had made the mistakes, I wouldn't have learnt half as much! Still plenty to learn though.... And it was costly!



P.S. John - theres also a Star Party on the Isle of Wight at the end of March if Herefordshire isn't in the right part of the country.

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.... Although I do reckon if I hadn't had made the mistakes, I wouldn't have learnt half as much! ......

Thats a great way to look at things Richie :(

Thanks for the Star Party heads up folks.


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'That which doesn't kill us, makes us stronger.'

Sort of...

Or "That which doesn't kill us, makes us poorer."


Indeed! In fact, SWMBO has worked out that I'm worth more dead than alive!

Now why is there an electric fire in the bathroom?!?

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Well: I regret splashing out on a new Crayford focuser a year ago - which is still sitting idle in a drawer, unused. :(

Not quite compatible with the drillings in the Newt, you see: and I'm terrified of permanently fouling up the collimation.

As it happens I'm still quite content to keep with the old R&P - not quite as precise, all right, but works reasonably for me.

Perhaps I should just flog the crayford, one day...

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I regret not heeding the invaluable advice of goign for the best mount you can afford. After a dodgy EQ5, an un-driven CG5, an awkward AZ-3 and an insufficient HEQ5 I am finally happy with a perfectly capable EQ6.


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Biggest regret was letting the hobby drop dead for 20 years.

I dont really have any equipment regrets other than not buying a decent 6" long tube refelcetor I saw in a shop about 10 years ago and then not buying a cheap(ish) 2nd hand Meade SCT about 5 years later.

All the kit I have bought I have been perfectly happy with probably with the sole exception of the laser collimator which was pants.

Knowing what I know now I would have skipped buying the 130PM and gone straight for the 200 on the HEQ5 bit I dont really regret buying the 130PM.

Life is full of regrets but in my experience you never really regret the things you do - only the things you dont.

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Technically and especially given the article I did on disabled astronomy I should be able to say plenty, like the etx 90 I first bought and the 10" dob, but in all honesty I cant as though both where completely unsuitable for my needs they gave me great views and a lot of learning when I did get to use them.

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Selling my C11. Idiotic decision. I should have just kept it and bought the OMC. I'm now looking to buy a C9.25 to replace it and I am several hundred quid down on the deal.

Also, buying the PST. Rarely used it because I don't get time to myself during the day, then dropped it on the garage floor (sold as scrap).

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