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FLO Solarcan 2020

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My Solarcan finished on the 21st December and on Christmas day I cut it open. It was a little wet inside with 1ml of water but I think that was from all the storms we had in summer. I had to let the paper dry in a drawer for half an hour and then it scanned in OK.

I am much happier with the position of the pin hole this year. Last year I used the standard in the middle, this year I added one half way between middle and the top (3/4 upwards) and this worked a lot better. I still think I could raise the hole higher.


50758820983_df5bd1ba10_b.jpgSolarcan 2020 negative by Alexandra Hart, on Flickr

Straight out of the can view

50758822153_da767039da_b.jpgSolarcan 2020 original by Alexandra Hart, on Flickr


This was the 2019 version with the standard middle pin hole

49272282138_be47a6d94c_b.jpg2019-12-24 Solarcan by Alexandra Hart, on Flickr



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Hi Alexandra 

Cool , I will get one and have a go, seems nice and simple. 👍

Hope you had a good Christmas Day 

i had no idea that these even existed, life is an education 

kind regards 


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That looks excellent Alexandra. I will take mine down soon, perhaps tomorrow and then let’s see what it gives. I’m a bit uncertain about the whole scanning process but hopefully it will go ok.

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