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Battery charger's battery will not charge...

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I have one of those Nikkai car battery chargers that occasionally go for £19.99 at Maplin, which I've been using to drive my mount's motors for quite a while without any problems. However, after a period of maybe a month without any use, I've found that I'm unable to charge it up. When I try to use the supplied AC adapter, there's an audible 'click' from inside (a relay perhaps?) and the red power light does not come on. It may be faulty, as a different adapter with the same voltage, current and polarity settings does not produce the 'click' and the light does come on. However, the battery does not charge at all.

Has anyone out there come across the same problem? Did I let the battery go too flat, has the cold killed it, or could their be a fault somewhere in the charger?

Any advice would be welcome!



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Hi Baskii

I also have exactly the same fault on one of mine which is made by Clarke.

Is it possible to remove the back of the case to expose the battery and then charge it with a conventional charger.

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You really should use a two or three stage electronic charger. The Tesco 4A type car battery charger is not designed to trickle charge gel cell/ sealed type batteries.

I've got 4 x 20Ah gel cells; they seem to last forever with the electronic charger.

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You dont say if its still under guarantee-if it is just return it for a new one! If not then the3 stage charger seems the best. I have an Aldi equivelent that still works OK but have opted for a 68 AH leisure battery for £65 from my friendly motor shop with ring terminal cigarette lighter sockets and the 3 stage trickle charger attached.

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