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Determined to catch Tegmine , what a star ! Kicked off with a gibbous moon , view of post great conjunction and Mars. Quite chill and frost on the scope. Some great views of Camelopardalis.

Beautiful views of "Hind's crimson star " R Leporis, settled in a deep glow. Then up to " La Superba" Y Canum venaticorum, brighter but lots of glowing colour. Seeing has been quite poor , but higher up and past midnight and it settled. Strange object flew by ,IMG_0068.thumb.JPG.67a5583f3291bfdf65ddb0f516cf6e5b.JPG


Righto , Tegmine and a very transient view of the fine separation. A fine triple teased out at x240 with an old school Vixen 5mm , giving x240. Looking around , light high humidity gave only the brightest stars. Packed in at one am , wishing you a very happy safe Christmas and the very best for the new year , 

stay safe , Nick.IMG_0067.thumb.JPG.f56e59438bb0803763c99cbbd52bd965.JPG

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