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Horse Head with modded 1000D


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First light with the modded 1000D. Very easy to focus with Live View and nice response around the HH. This is 1600 ISO 17 X 180 sec autoguided and stacked in DSS, processed in PixiInsight with curves and levels, then some noise removal in Gimp. It needs heaps more data and probably 300sec subs. Very happy with new camera, it's very light and only needs one USB port!


(click to enlarge)


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Thanks for the comments, I think this is going to be quite a good camera for the following reasons:

1. It's modded (easy enough to do yourself)

2. It's light.

3. It can be fully controlled by one USB port (no need for a seperate shutter control thingy).


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What the £$%$ happen there?


4. It has live view so focusing is dead easy and very quick


I did the mod myself - I found it very very easy (you could probably do it blind folded whilst upsidedown and balancing on one hand). I didn't replace the galss with anything I have have no intention of using it for normal photography as my 400D does that now.


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