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The Pleiades Cluster 21 Hrs - Bortle 7

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Moving back to the bortle 7 skies of Cincinnati from the dark skies of remote Colorado has brought back old challenges.. So, I've been rather nervous to try and shoot an LRGB target from under such skies again. I suppose I chose a rather easy target to conquer under bortle 7 skies but I had to warm up before I start shooting galaxies again.

I am rather happy with these results. I gathered a total of 34 hours but stacked only the best 60% to rid myself of of images with clouds, haze, branches etc. This is a total of 21 hours. I was pleasantly surprised buy the amount of fainter dust I was able to pick up. I would be very curious to see if I could pick up the dust in the surrounding area with a full frame camera. I am also very fond of this doublet I shot this with. It has finally allowed me to shoot this target as a whole for the first time! 

Anyway, I want to show that with enough exposure time and post processing practice, one can take a passable image under suburban skies. Let me know what you think!

Cheers :)

Ioptron CEM60
Astrodon LRGB
Apertura 72EDR Doublet
zwo eaf
zwo fw
zwo oag


pleiades cluster 72edr final.jpg

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Such dedication has rewarded you with a lovely image of this well known star cluster.Even more so considering your sky conditions.Lovely colours as well in the stars.

I do hate to criticise other peoples work,so my  only comment is the image appears a little soft,maybe due to noise reduction i dont know.However still a lovely image.


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