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Jupiter & Saturn getting close - 17 Dec 2020

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There is nothing fancy about this image, which other than being slightly cropped is straight off the camera. The image is a single 8 sec exposure at ISO 800 captured through clouds with my standard Nikon D90 DSLR, attached to my 4" TSAPO100Q telescope with a x2 TV Powermate in train.


The 8 sec exposure allows Jupiter's 4 Galilean Moons and Saturn's rings to be revealed, but with the consequence that Jupiter is over exposed. Callisto is to the left of Jupiter, with Io, Europa and Ganymede seen in order away from Jupiter's right side.

Thanks for looking.


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That is a lovely image Geof.

I managed a quick 10 minutes when the clouds parted this evening. The seeing was not great and I could only use 58x , but it was good to see what you have shown. The moons Gannymede and Europa were having a little conjunction of their own.....:grin:

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33 minutes ago, Saganite said:

The moons Gannymede and Europa were having a little conjunction of their own

Thanks Steve, yes, that was a lovely surprise to see 🙂. I too had cloud and ended up imaging through cloud, with them no longer being visible naked eye, but I had to be quick as after another 10 mins they dipped below the tree line as seen from my observatory.

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