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After what felt like a decade my Mesu e200 was finally delivered. It is such a beautiful piece of machinery, no frills just pure functionality.

I had the counter weights manufactured locally and completed the mechanical assembly, pretty straight forward. Thanks to @Jonkhttps://stargazerslounge.com/profile/37161-jonk/ for providing me with the dimensions for a 16,5kg counterweight in stainless steel. I downloaded and installed SciTech.exe plus the other bits of software to make it work. The only thing I’m still uncertain about is Carte du Ciel. I’m used to Stallerium for my Skywatcher and Celestron PWI, which I love. I guess I’ll just have to get used to CDC.

I need some assistance and would appreciate help. My mount is not going to have the luxury of a permanent pier, I have to move it off the balcony every time I’ve finished my session. I have a very limited view of the South (I’m in South Africa) and no view of the SCP. Despite this I can polar align to a high degree of accuracy with the Synscan routine embedded in the SkyWatcher EQ6R Pro hand controller. Having had a cursory glance at the help menu in the SciTech Polar Alignment tab and it appears that I will need to have a view of the Celestial Pole. Does anyone have advice please? 

Thanks Shaun













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You’re welcome @ZS1RA. Good looking setup!

You can drift align, albeit it will take time to be very accurate but once you’ve done it once, mark the tripod position on the balcony, leaving everything else set up as best you can so you always get it very close to alignment each time. A little tweak here and there may be enough.

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22 hours ago, ZS1RA said:

The only thing I’m still uncertain about is Carte du Ciel. I’m used to Stallerium for my Skywatcher and Celestron PWI, which I love. I guess I’ll just have to get used to CDC.

Drift alignment as detailed above will get you there.

Stellarium work every bit as well as CdC with this mount.

Congratulations on your mount - you will love it!!!

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      I have a QHY Pole Master im no longer using. Actually only used it 2-3 times. 
      $200 and I’ll pay shipping in US.
      Also have adapter for HEQ5/Sirius EG-G. 

    • By AJ-DE
      Hi All, I have a Star Adventurer but have had problems getting consistent results even when setup was as near to perfect as I can do, (this was focussed on due to this issue).
      It took me a while to find out that when the eyepiece is is extended for focus it is very loose, so loose the graticule moves indipendantly of Polaris / background.
      I have asked the supplier, "Astroshop.eu", to highlight the problem and ask for their feedback.
      Question to Astroshop.eu:
      I have had a constant issue with Polar Alignment. As I cannot use it so often, (visibility), it has taken me a while to identify the problem. When I adjust the polar scope focus the eyepiece is so loose that the graticule moves a lot laterally in all directions in the view. I can send a video but I think you can  understand what I am saying.
      Basically I must be getting something very wrong or there is an issue with the product. The thread is so loose it is entirely unstable.
      Please advise what we can do about this.
      Answer from Astroshop.eu:
      1. "I'am sorry to say, but this is very normal and does not affect the function of the star adventurer".
      2. "My collegue confirmed that this will not be a issue".
      I have subsequently asked the guy to ask his colleague again, but some time has gone past and I have no further reply.
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      Additionally here are the videos I have sent to show them, (hand holding the phone so a bit shaky but issue can be seen. I'd really appreciate some help before I spend too much time again tring to get it to work, for reference the eyepiece wobble is around 3.5 graticule intervals, so not small. As it's full of grease it took me a long time to see how poor quality the Polarscope build quality is.
      Thank you all, Andy
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      Hi All,
      I had the first chance with clear skies yesterday since Christmas Eve! I thought I'd take the opportunity to get myself properly polar aligned (on Christmas Eve I set up Ascom/EQMod/Stellarium/PC controlled mount, which took up the whole evening).
      As mentioned in previous threads, I don't have a view of Polaris from my covered Balcony and only views from the East to the South. My plan was two fold:
      Use the Synscan Handset to do a three star alignment, check the Polar alignment error and adjust alt/az accordingly until error reduced as close to zero as possible. Use the DARV alignment process via APT here I quickly found out that of the available stars on the three star alignment method via the SynScan handset, I could only see two in the night sky. I'm hoping on a clearer night I can return to this method.
      The DARV alignment method asks that you use stars at zero dec (celestial equator) in both the South and East regions.  I couldn't see any stars that were near 0 dec in the south and unfortunately it seems 0 dec in the east (which is very near the horizon) is obscured by buildings! 
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      Mount neq6 pro
      Pier mounted on a concrete slab
      OTA c8 with .63 reducer
      Camera asi294mc pro
      Zwo OAG
      Thanks in advance
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