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COMPLETED - Televue Paracorr Type 1 adjustable. SOLD

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I've posted this item before quite some time ago...  Now attempting to re-sell as the Paracorr creates too much of a balance issue with my Dob so I'll never use it...

I bought this used on Ebay (sigh) and has not had much use by myself but I have thoroughly checked it over and tested it with multiple eyepieces.

The bad stuff:

1. When I originally bought it - It had a minor amount of fungus just off centre of one of the lens however I can't tell which one.  I have had it stored in a very dry environment since I've had it and cleaned it to the best of my ability with Baader Wonder Fluid.  Previously you have to really really look to be able to see it - I believe that it poses no difference whatsoever to the optical quality.   However, under bright light and magnifier I can no longer see any evidence of it! :p  I am not sure if it's gone - may have to look in daylight conditions...  However, I am certain whatever there was has not grown at all nor done any further damage.

2. It looks like the previous owner at some point used a barlow or a long 1.25" eyepiece barrel perhaps with a filter and thus there is a very slight round (not complete) scratch the size of 1.25" barrel.  I've used only 1.25" eyepieces with the Paracorr and if you do the same there is no difference to the view.  The scratch is minor such that I doubt there would be any real discernible difference even when using 2" eyepieces imho.

I've figured that I'm not going to use the Paracorr.  It adds too much weight to my dob which is already front heavy and really at f/5 it's not making enough difference to have it since I upgraded my eyepieces to Delos and looking instead for a TV Panoptic 24mm to replace the ES68 24mm.  Otherwise I'd keep it as the optical quality is excellent

As the Paracorr has been used previously some off the numbers marking position 1 to 5 have rubbed off.   I can add pictures later if required.

I'm willing to let this go for £80 including delivery.   It's certainly a cheap way of trying a coma corrector if you have a fast scope.  It's very easy to use!

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