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Lumix GX80 and M31

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Well the skies tonight tried to clear so I had a play with my (holiday) cam - a Panasonic Lumix GX80. Although it won't connect to my laptop to fire off exposures what it will do (only found out this today) is allow a timelapse session with marked exposure lengths upto 60 seconds (RAW files shot). There's a T setting which I think times out at 2 mins but not tried that yet.

Anyway I set the camera on my WO ZS73 and set the time lapse going. These are unguided as condition would have had PHD running for cover. I set it up to take 30 subs. I ended up using 6 (yes it was that bad!). I shot 4 darks and threw the lot into APP.

It came out quite noisey so it was into PS to run a noise reduction and despeckle.

The RW2 RAW files from the Lumix won't open in APP, PS or PI I had to download a RAW file viewer (FastStone Image Viewer) to convert the RW2 files to tiffs so I could see what I had and process them.

Not too bad for 6 mins @ 1000 iso and f5.9


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