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Part of Sh2-240 with RASA8/268c/NBX dual filter

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My final target last night was a very optimistic 90 mins on part of the Spaghetti Nebula. Conditions were much better than my previous attempt (no moon) so I have retained the colour in this version. High cloud spoiled the final subs so this is 27 x 3 mins. You can no doubt see this has been processed to within an inch of it's life.😉

If we ever get a decent night, I will try and do the sort of integration times that these targets require.

Thanks for Looking.



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I find this image very interesting, because I have done a similar integration time using a similarly fast scope.  In my decision to move to the above camera and same filter, I now have some data to sit down and look at very seriously.

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1 hour ago, Xsubmariner said:

May I enquire what offset and gain you are using with the 268C camera.


So far I have used it in Photographic DSO mode, gain 30, offset 30, but this is something I will experiment with, clear sky time permitting.

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Thanks, I have just tried mine for the first time and was using gain 26 offset 30 so fairly close. These new cameras have introduced another layer of complexity for dedicated imagers to experiment with, shame we don’t get the clear skies needed to experiment effectively without loosing image production. It would be handy if the guidance was better.

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