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Bridgend Astronomy Society update

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HI everyone,

An update on Bridgend Astronomical Society, you can find us on FB at - https://www.facebook.com/groups/114433805560367

Our website is http://www.bridgendastro.org.uk

We are a growing and very enthusiastic sociey, with a growing 84+ members and over 1.4K facebook members. We offer online courses and mentoring to our membership.

This year is our 39th birthday and we would just like to say hello.


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Sorry, missed this!

Happy birthday to you!

Don't do Facebook, but will have a look at the website.

I'm just down the road, but we have sessions in a school in Bridgend and would be interested in access to a darker location.

I'm hoping to get them out to me when things ease a little!

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