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I think I'm done agonizing over the next mount

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I feel as if I'm getting some really decent performance out of my CEM-25P, even with 17 pounds hung on it I can sometimes wring 0.6-0.8" total RMS out of it guiding. But the amount of tweaking and obsessive care that requires is rather fatiguing, and I'm thinking that I'm ready to liquidate my tax refund, Christmas money, and the CEM-25P in favor of a center-balanced equatorial of higher capacity and finer tracking performance. Too, someday I'd like to go longer than 362mm, so I don't have to sit out Galaxy Season every year.

So I was going back and forth between the CEM-40, which would be reasonable, and the CEM-70, which would be twice the weight -- I normally set up and tear down every time -- and 30% more money. But...but...shiny object!

Last night I had a revelation. I have  a wonderful 11" Dob in a beautiful wooden cabinet. I never figured I'd ever image with it other than maybe the Moon or planets, but it occurs to me that with a CEM-70, I could literally bolt a nice big Losmandy rail on the cabinet and mount the sucker. Voila, instant 11" f/5 imaging Newt! It never occurred to me because it seemed absurd, but it's still got to be under 50 pounds, which the CEM-70 could actually carry.

So now I just have to break it to my children that it's mac and cheese for four months, and I'm golden.

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I have the CEM40EC myself. It works really well with my Redcat. I'm really pushing the limits with an 8" RC though, and wish I had gone with the CEM60 now. Even if you don't get the 11" newt mounted, I think you'll be happier with a 60 or a 70 over the 40 if you go with a bigger scope.

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I've just got a CEM70, mounting a Canon 600mm f4 + Guidescope with Primaluce Losmandy dovetail. The mount is performing well and although a beast is still manageable to carry outside and setup on the iOptron tripier. The iPolar is a dream, PA takes literally 2 mins. Should be good for your Dob!!

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