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Attaching a Baader Click lock to a Baader Steel track

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Hello All,

I just received my Baader Steeltrack to replace my stock focuser on my SW ED80. I already own a 2" Baader ClickLock clamp (S58) and it was supposed to be a fit for this focuser.

The problem is that once I remove the stock clamp to replace it, the threads are on the inside like so:

1. I loosened the grub screws



2. I can see the threads on the inside


3. Here is my Clicklock ... no way to connect it to the Focuser


4. I tried separating the stock clamp from the bottom piece thinking that I might need it but, either it is stuck or it's not supposed to be separated :)


Anyone has had this problem ?


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ok so I see what happened there. 

The ClickLock I own is not in fact the Baader ClickLock 2956258 but the SW Baader ClickLock M56i 2956256... 



Unfortunately on many vendors site, the picture shown of the 2956258 look a heck of a lot like the 2956256...


One website showed it upside down as well ... So I could tell from the picture that I had not, in fact, the correct clamp ... 



Ho well, live and learn ... I just bought from FLO the correct clamp that had 10£ off due to a customer return ;)

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