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Filling holes in carbon fibre tube

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Hi all, 

Anyone tried to fill holes in a carbon fibre tube? More cosmetic than structural (see pic). Also want to stop light for darks. Currently using black pvc tape! Looking for tips/ tricks. 

Current thinking is thickened epoxy with black pigment (or perhaps graphite?). Something like this https://www.epoxyworks.com/index.php/adding-pigments-to-west-system-epoxy/

Prob also paint over inside with black acrylic paint. 

Thanks in advance



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12 hours ago, Starflyer said:

Can I ask why you moved the spider to a 90° orientation from 45°?  It's probably a personal preference thing, but I much prefer X shaped diffraction spikes to horizontal / vertical spikes.

I have another post on this specific question (Spider upgrade - orientation of vanes - Discussions - Scopes / Whole setups - Stargazers Lounge).  I didn't get a definitive answer on that thread nor from the manufacturer of the new spider. General wisdom was that it wouldn't make a difference optically, but my thinking was about ease of collimation. I wanted adjustment towards/away from the focuser with one screw and then left to right with the other two. I think this means easier adjustment as you don't adjust in more than one plane when you make an adjustment. I also think it will help support the focuser and weight of the camera/reduce any flex at that point of the tube.

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