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Total begginner imaging

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I own an azgti. With the right firmware you can do some imaging. The thing is i am considering buying a ccd camera.  You do need a laptop to operate it , my guess???. I own a pc and a ipad pro, no laptop. What could i do?


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When you say that you are considering buying a ‘ccd’ camera, I presume you really mean an astro camera. This would require a USB connection to a suitable computer which could be a laptop PC or, like me, a Raspberry Pi 4 running Astroberry Server software. However the simplest but rather effective option would be to use a DSLR saving images onto an internal SD card and operating the shutter with the AZGTi ‘Snap’ cable. SynScan Pro and SynScan Link running on the iPad Pro would control it all nicely.

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