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I finally have time to get back out with the telescope - obviously there's been nothing but clouds since I dragged it out from behind my tools in the cupboard! 

Anyway, I currently have Sky Safari 5 Plus on my phone, which seems to crash fairly regularly since newer versions of Android have been released (not sure if v5 is being updated anymore). I was going to move up to Sky Safari 6 Plus (it's around £6.50 on Google Play just now) but... I've noticed it's a few years old now and I'm wondering if v7 is due to be released. 

I'm just wondering if anyone knows whether there's going to be a v7 anytime soon, or is it safe to get v6 just now? 



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I'm maybe just being overly cautious - I bought v5 and within a few months v6 was out. Just want want to be behind the times again! 

I did a quick google and could only find 1 or 2 mentions of v7 potentially being a work-in-progress.  

Might just bite the bullet and get 6 plus just now while it is on sale... if a new version comes out, then I'll just pretend it doesn't exist 😛 

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