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AstroFi telescope not working correctly with SkyPortal-App

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Motors do take a little time to ramp up to speed and slow to a stop, especially if slewing at high speed.

Backlash is the amount of "slack" in the gears which has to be taken up whenever you change direction and is more noticable at lower speeds. Imagine moving the scope left, the gears take up and movement starts. When you then move right, the gears have to take up the slack between the cogs before they start actually moving and you see movement in the eyepiece. You'll notice the effect more at high power when it can take several seconds before movement actually happens.

The "backlash" settings are something that you can change (to a value between 00 and 99) to try to overcome this problem. What will happen is that when you change direction, the telescope will attempt to take up the slack quickly, and then start using the slewing speed you've chosen as normal. The amount of slack it tries to take up depends on that value. It's a case of experimenting to see what works best for your particular scope. (The mechanics are never identical).

Change the setting to something like 10, and see if that helps. Keep increasing it until the movement seems "instant". If you put too big a value in, the telescope will "jump".

You will also find it behaves differently between slewing speeds, so you won't get it perfect. On my scope at very slow speeds it's abysmal. Even with the 99 setting it can take several seconds before the scope catches up. It's something you learn to live with.

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58 minutes ago, Starwatcher2001 said:

Ah... having just re-read your post, I may be barking up the wrong tree.

Does it work okay with the hand controller, but just respond badly with the app?  If so, backlash might not be the problem.

No problem, I got to know a lot more about backlash, thanks! 
I do not have a hand controller with this telescope. So, yes it respond badly with the app. I will try to get in contact with Celestron to figure out what the problem could be. 

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