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APPG - Consultation Results launch


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I got an email from the APPG group with details of the launch of their policy paper, following on from their recent Dark Skies consultation:-

"Following our widespread public consultation on Dark Skies which reached over 170 respondents, as well as inputs from amongst our own membership, I’m pleased to invite you to the launch of our policy paper ‘Ten Dark Sky Policies for the Government’ on Wednesday 9th December at 15:00.  


The paper was produced in consultation with representatives from CPRE, the Commission for Dark Skies, the International Dark-Sky Association, the Institution of Lighting Professionals, the Royal Astronomical Society, the Federation of Astronomical Societies, South Downs National Park Authority and University College London.  

For the event, we will be joined by our parliamentary membership, as well as:
Emma Marrington, dark skies expert and Rural Communities Enhancement Lead at CPRE, the countryside charity.
Dan Oakley, Lead Ranger and Dark Skies Officer at the South Downs National Park, Coordinator of the UK Dark Skies Group and current Chair of the IDA Dark Sky Places Committee.

Attendees will be sent Zoom meeting details after registering for our event via the following link:


The event will take place just after a webinar on preventing obtrusive light by our partner organisation the ILP, which attendees may also be interested in."


PS: Mod's please move or delete if need be.

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Having read through, I'm quite heartened by the proposals. But now they need to be spurred into action. This is the "write to your MP" stage of things - build awareness with your local MP and make sure that they support the govt actually taking action on the policy proposals outlined.

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