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Widefield M42

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Coming on a treat Doc.

Like you, I get that orange glow at the bottom of the pics, but a free program called Pixinsight LE will remove that for you, and give you a flatter background. Once you have that, you can pull out a lot more detail and fainter stars without worrying about the LP gradient.

I took a couple of hundred shots just like this on holiday, you have inspired me to get them stacked :) Thanks

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Nicely Done Doc...

As TJ said tackle the gradient and you'll get a lot more out of the image...

Thats far better than my attempts at a widefield orion... I'm struggling to balance exposure against trailing with the 50mm f1.8 I think it may be a bit too "long" to allow any decent sub lenght unguided.

Can you post a jpeg straight after stacking for a little play :)


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