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Warm fingers and smartphone...


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Probably been covered before, but I got some generic conductive thread online and  stitched some through the tips of my main two smartphone screen using fingers on my right hand. The thread provides an electrical connection between you and the screen so you dont need to take your gloves off to use your device! I gave it a go with a pair of glove liners I had lying about and bingo it works nicely. So I can keep the worst of the cold off my fingers and still use skysafari. 



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you don't need to buy the branded conductive thread, a lot of the 'silver' embroidery threads you can get are conductive. I tested a whole load with my meter when my Mum wanted to sew LEDs into some quilts she was making. She never got round to making the quilts, so I'm glad that afternoon wasn't entirely wasted.

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