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Dehumidifier Suggestions?

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I am close to completing an observatory in my garage that will measure 8'x8'x6' and would like a dehumidifier to keep everything dry. The Obsy will be well sealed and the garage is well ventilated so it shouldn't need anything very powerful. I am looking for something that will work at low temperatures (from around 1C to 5C) and be cheap to run. 

I have seen various small desiccant ones advertised that sound ideal but they have very mixed reviews. 

Be great to hear from anyone that has one that works. 


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Living in Scotland we have 80-100% humidity pretty much all year round.  I had thought that with plenty of ventilation my obsy would remain condensation free however, it only takes a rise in air temperature of a couple of degrees and moisture would form on the cold mount and scope and everything made of metal leading to rust.

I run my Neostar Desiccant Dehumidifier 24 hrs a day 365 days a year.  I keep it at 60% humidity and being plumbed in (hose through the obsy floor) it never requires maintenance or even looking at.  The gentle heat it outputs keeps the obsy a few degrees above ambient temperature but not so much that I have to wait for the scope to cool before use.  I can highly recommend one based on my experience.

Images - Instructions,  Typical weather, Chart of temperature and humidity this last year. Up spikes in humidity are when I've had the roof open.





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